Columbus Alive: Community feature: Bobby Ferguson builds on African American tennis legacy

In Columbus, generations of black tennis players thrived in clubs at Beatty Community Center and Wolfe Park, which is currently the site of junior tennis program Ace with Love.

“At any point in time during the summer, you could see 70 to 80 kids on the tennis court for [the last] 24 years,” said Ace with Love founder Ed Amos.

Years ago, Bobby Ferguson was one of those kids.

“It was an opportunity for me to see kids of my complexion playing tennis,” said Ferguson, who grew up in South Linden. “I got to meet some cool people and I just really took a liking to it.”

Starting the sport as a young teen, Ferguson was behind in skill level. But through intense practice, private lessons and support from his family, he soon became an impressive athlete.

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